Awarded NSERC Discovery

The news is in!

I have just been awarded NSERC Discovery for the years 2011-2015 ($20k/year, 100%).

The title of the awarded project is “Simplifying├é┬áResource Management in Wireless
Broadband Networks”.

Further details to follow.

Affordable Rural Broadband

I have just received word that my Knowledge Synthesis on Affordable Rural Broadband has just been posted by the Queen’s Monieson Centre.

The synthesis, discussing the state of rural broadband in Eastern Ontario and options in making it affordable, complements a suite of documents discussing creative economies in rural communities. The documents are part of an initiative by the Monieson Centre to link academic knowledge with rural development.

A panelist on QGCSC’s “Road Ahead”

Together with Nick Graham and Juergen Dingel, the committee of Queen’s Graduate Computing Society Conference (QGCSC) have invited to serve on a panel discussing the road ahead in computer scientist. The moderator will be Pat Martin.

Thanks QGCSC. What a treat!